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Edward Mitchen Tuesday, 12/27/16, 5:34 PM

From: Chicago IL
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NORMAN S JONES Tuesday, 12/20/16, 6:35 AM



Colby Pacek Friday, 11/25/16, 2:25 PM

I am currently attending Engineer (12N) ALC at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Part of our class is to give a brief on the 13th Engineer Battalion history. Wanted to know if it would be all right to use some of the photos you have on your website? Thank you, SGT Pacek

From: EN ALC
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Max Balkema Friday, 11/25/16, 9:38 AM

My father, Max was assigned to Korea in the fall of 1967. He served at Camp Casey as a prescribed load list clerk. He and my mother live in Lafayette Indiana. Please let us know if you are from the same time and know him. The phone number to reach us is 815–641–0086.

From: Lafayette, Indiana
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William berry Tuesday, 11/8/16, 12:16 AM

I served 64 and 65

From: Boise, Idaho
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Frank Ciasnocha Tuesday, 11/1/16, 12:46 PM

I was at Camp Casey from early 1966 thru September 1967. I was in Batalion S3 for the 13th Engineer Battalion. I was the training NCO SP5 and I worked under Capt. Canard

From: Chicago Illinois
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Mark Sherrill Saturday, 10/22/16, 10:13 PM

My grandfather Richard Sherrill served in Cco on triangle hill and mount baldy. He is still alive and doing well and would like to speak with anyone that may know him.

From: Mooresville NC
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Lawrence Connell Wednesday, 10/19/16, 6:32 PM

CO A Company ’68-69

From: Woodland Park, CO
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Errol Howery Wednesday, 10/12/16, 1:29 PM

I server in B Company, 13 Engineer Bn., from Sept/1968 until Dec/1969. I would like to hear from anyone who served during that time.

From: Chicago, Ill
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George Cooper Sunday, 10/9/16, 10:57 AM

I was at HQ Comp 1967-68 Equipment co.my good friends Earl Shatzer,Mike Barns.

George E Cooper Sunday, 10/9/16, 10:33 AM

From: Thor SC -@Key West Fla
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Kenneth Weber Friday, 9/16/16, 7:39 AM

Served in Company C. Circa 1960 Lived in Philadelphia for 31 Years.

From: Pickerington OH (Philadelphia PA)
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Kyle Kinkel Tuesday, 9/13/16, 12:16 PM

From: Ft Leonard wood

Shelby Matlock Wednesday, 8/31/16, 5:35 PM

I was there 70 to 71 in Hc motor pool.I was sent to the dmz.

From: burleson texas
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Phillip Brown Saturday, 8/20/16, 3:44 PM

From: Rice, Va
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Kenneth Barks son of SFC Johnny L. Barks, Jr. (Ret.) Tuesday, 8/16/16, 9:36 PM

My father was assigned to 13th engineer battalion HHC Aide Station at Camp Casey, South Korea,in 1967. He passed away in 2008, at the age of 71.

From: Colorado Springs
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mack w ruff Tuesday, 8/16/16, 12:59 AM

I was there from 5 25 1959 to may 1960 . I was with HQ and HQ. 34 Inf Bn eng plt. I was back over there in june 2016 boy what a Change .

From: napa ca

Frank White Tuesday, 8/2/16, 6:13 PM

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Bill Calvert Friday, 7/15/16, 6:25 AM

Working at Sears in Milwaukee. Spoke to a Man named Lynn G. Johnson. Said he was part of the first invasion and afterwords did Mortuary Affairs on Kura island where the Japs trained Bonsi pilots. I have a picture of this man.

From: Milwaukee, WI
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Victor Showers Sunday, 7/3/16, 2:43 PM


From: Sullivan, MO
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kirby hansen Saturday, 7/2/16, 8:08 PM

I’m the great grandson of Gen. W C Langfit. I’m sure he’s looking down on all you men with exceptional pride and love. God bless the 13th!

From: orlando
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John Carucio Tuesday, 6/28/16, 11:19 AM

From: NJ
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Robert Dionne Friday, 6/17/16, 7:02 PM

Posting on behalf of my father in law Robert who served in Camp Casey Korea 69-69. He passed away from cancer in 2005.

From: North Andover, Ma.
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Kevin Shannon Wednesday, 6/8/16, 4:31 PM

I am a distant cousin of PFC Carl Grant Shannon, KIA on 12 February 1951, likely at Hoengsong which is where his unit was at the time. If anybody has any information on Carl, or any first hand memories, I’d love to hear it. I am working to restore the memory of some long forgotten casualties that are part of my extended family. God Bless all of you that served.

From: Lake Tapps, WA
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Raymond J Champney Monday, 5/30/16, 4:18 PM

Assigned to 13th Combat Engineers Camp Casey Korea from Sept 1960 to Aug. 1961 — Company A — Company Clerk

From: Bedford TX
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Ginny Faust Yelland Monday, 5/30/16, 11:00 AM

My dad was Sgt. Louis Gary Faust, United States Army, 7th Infantry Division, 13th Engineer Combat Battalion, Company C – who served in Korea between 1952-1954. We know very little about his service other than he hit a land mine while running a dozer at some point and struggled with his hearing the rest of his life. He always dreamed of returning to visit Korea but was not able to do that before he passed away in 2003

From: Oxford, PA
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Drewery Dettruck Tuesday, 5/24/16, 6:21 AM

I was in E company 1968 -1969

From: Virginia
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david mccann Saturday, 4/30/16, 5:02 PM

I was one of the last members of the 13th in Korea in 1970-71.Iwas transferred to 2nd ID. We cleaned up mines on the DMZ.

From: janesville wisconsin
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Bob Skea Tuesday, 4/26/16, 10:33 PM

My dad Walter Skea was in the 13th combat engineer battalion, 7th infantry division. wondered if anyone knew him. he died several years ago. thanks.

From: New Jersey
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dave getchell Thursday, 4/14/16, 11:29 PM

looking for anvbody stationed at ft ord,ca ,in c,co.13th,thatmight know. sgt john Williams,pfc longmier,wheeler,or longmier,wheeler,or b.co 589 ft lenordwood.please calldave calldave getchell 702-522-8836

From: las vegas
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Laurens B Beckwith Jr Saturday, 4/2/16, 8:03 PM

From: Harvest, AL
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Gail Felling-Lancy Tuesday, 3/29/16, 9:35 AM

My dad, PFC Jake Fellenz (RIP December 2015), served with the 13th Combat Engineer Battalion in Korea approx 45 – 49. The army wanted to make him a medic but he insisted on being an engineer. He was born and raised in Philadelphia. I am proud to have served in his footsteps. Sp4 Gail Fellenz, Womans Army Corp, 68 – 71.

From: Denver, Colorado
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Leo Courtois Tuesday, 3/8/16, 9:18 PM

Fort Beavers B company December 1966 to April 1968

From: Rhode Island
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Louis perry Friday, 3/4/16, 8:44 PM

I served with COmpany A 13th eng BN from Jan 1964 to Feb 1965. Initially at Camp Schoonover, then moved to Camp Kaiser. SFC Mora was my Plt Sgt.

From: Monroeville,NJ
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GENE REED Saturday, 2/27/16, 2:40 PM

I was with the 13th E CO at Camp Casey 1970. Looking for guys that was at Casey from 68-71

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troy hinton Wednesday, 2/17/16, 12:07 PM

i was with the 13 engineers in 69 an 70 , my picture was on the stares an stripes, when we were on the enjim river.

From: houlka
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Wayne Schauman Tuesday, 2/9/16, 5:24 PM

I was doing research on a couple of my old units, the 5ENG(C)BN and 12ENG(C)BN[M], saw your site so I stopped in for a visit.

From: Bemus Point, New York
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robert nasser Friday, 2/5/16, 12:32 PM

served in HHC 13th engr camp casey from nov 69 thru jan 71

From: pennsylvania
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Earl Mcdonald Saturday, 1/23/16, 5:59 PM

Served in hhc 13th jan 83 to oct 83 in the PAC. Then to Berlin bbde

From: ill
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William Cheke JR. Thursday, 1/21/16, 6:31 PM

My dad served in the 13th ENGINEER COMBAT BATTALION. He passed away in 1987. I wish that he could have lived to see this day and age of computers. He would have loved to contact his old buddies. I recently found an old paper of his. It measures about 3 1/2″ X 21/2″.On it reads- THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT T/5 WILLIAM B CHEKE 13TH ENGINEER COMBAT BATTALION APO#7 IS AUTHORIZED TO WEAR THE FOLLOWING DECORATIONS: 1 O/S BAR KOREAN OCC MED WORLD WAR 11 VICTORY MED A/P RIBBON, KARL R. LIEWER 1ST LT. 134TH ENGR ADJUTANT. I was wondering if I came to the right place and if anyone served with him ? Thanks, Bill Cheke

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ron chalender Saturday, 1/16/16, 12:31 PM

From: michigan
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Paul Giambo Tuesday, 1/5/16, 7:06 PM

From: santa barbara calif.
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