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Bobby L. Richards Tuesday, 12/25/12, 3:04 PM

From: Tennessee
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Hilton Ferguson Sunday, 12/16/12, 11:29 AM

I served with B Company 13th from Nov. 1968 until Dec. 1969. We were building bunkers their.I had a heavy equipment MOS. Would like to hear from anyone their that time period.

From: Groves Texas
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WAYNE FESSLER Friday, 11/9/12, 9:54 AM


Billy D.Quinton Sr Thursday, 11/8/12, 8:30 AM

Like the new updates on the site.

From: St.Petersburg,FL
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Charles McClure Tuesday, 9/25/12, 5:07 AM

Camp Casey – HHC 13th Engr. BN. 7th Inf. – HHC Motor Pool, Track Vehicle Mechanic 6/1963 – 8/1964. How time flies, seems like only yesterday I was in Korea. I look at pictures today of Tong Du Chon and what a differance. From very few vehicle to major highways now, High Rises, Major business, etc. Great times!! Thanks to all them that served and that are now in the service. Proud to have served and honer too God, Country and the People. God Bless America!!

From: Princeton, IL
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Kelli Mills Thursday, 6/21/12, 6:42 PM

Hi my name is Kelli Mills. My father served in the Army in 1945 and 1946. He didn’t talk much about his time in the service. I did find this paper of his that reads… HEADQUARTERS 13TH ENGINEER COMBAT BN. APO 7 c/o POSTMASTER SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. I do know he was in Seoul Korea. I was wondering if anyone knew him and if so could you tell me his roll in the service? His name is Calvin Leroy Mills He was from Baltimore, Md I have some of his photos and would love to identify the men in them. Thank you for any help. Kelli kelli21229@yahoo.com

From: Baltimore, Md
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robert l rogler Saturday, 6/16/12, 4:55 PM

I had the opportunity to meet an incredible man who served on pork chop M/sgt James R Goudy A co. 13th engr bn and am honored to say i know him. A Hero, along with all the other men who served in Korea Thank you.

From: valders Wisconsin
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Walter Otten Saturday, 6/2/12, 6:59 AM

I was with C c. from SEp. 62-63 at the post 1 mile from gate 2 I am proud to have been with the 13th Engr. I retired in July82. what I would like is a unit crest. I no longer have any. an if I could send a photo I still have my year book from 62-63as prof. an I am proud to show my book to anyone. so please let me know how much it would cost for the crest, and I will gladly pay for them. 13th Engr. forever. Walt.

From: San Antonio Tx.
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Debbie Cochran Wednesday, 5/30/12, 8:12 AM

My father served in WWII in Company B, 13th Engineer Battalion, 7th Infantry Division and was involved in battles and campaigns in Ryukyus, the Aleutian Islands, Eastern Mandates, and the Southern Philippines. He was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star in 1944, the Good Conduct Medal, the Asiatic Pacific Service Medal, and the Philippines Liberation Ribbon with 2 bronze service stars. His highest grade held was Sergeant. He was honorably discharged in Ft. Logan, Colorado, in October, 1945, and returned to Kansas to raise his family. Since my older son served in the Army, he has become very interested in learning about my father’s military history. I actually watched the movie series “The Pacific” directed by Tom Hank’s. It was very eye opening as to how horrible the battles were. It really is a miracle that my father survived. Would you be able to direct me to any information that you might have regarding the war in the Pacific as it specifically relates to Company B,13th Engineer Battalion?

From: McKinney, TX
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Norman Jones Thursday, 5/3/12, 4:34 PM

Enlisted Oct 1946, basic at Fort Knox,landed Inchon Jan 47,assigned 49th Fld Art Bn,in the spring of 47 reassigned to 13th Engr Bn, H &S co.left Korea Mar 1948.I really enjoy reading about all soldiers from that era.Regards to all and have a good life.

From: West Springfield,Ma
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William Combs Wednesday, 5/2/12, 12:40 PM

Great Side Guys, I know a few of your members, and Veterans from the 13th take care Bill

From: Mogadore Ohio
Web Site: 20th General Support Group 2nd Inf/8th Army Ascom Depot (Camp Market)Bupyeon Dong,Korea

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Jerry Moore Thursday, 4/26/12, 9:53 PM

This is really an appreciated website. I served in Korea at a VERY young age & did a lot of growing up during my tour there. I can remember almost all of my fellow platoon members & my C.O. (Capt Ward) and a very professional first sgt. by the name of Hanna. I can assure you that the lessons and experiences of my tour have served me well in the many ensuing years since then. God Bless America & I look forward to attending a reunion asap.

From: Akron Ohio
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Spencer Edwards Saturday, 3/24/12, 8:33 PM

I served as the Communcations Chief and Operations Sergeant for the 13th Engineer (Sapper) Battalion, 7th Infantry Division at Ft. Ord CA from 1986 till Feb of 1992. I wear the 7th ID combat patch. One of a very few. I retired in 1992. Sappers Lead the Way

From: Groveland California
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Michele Huey Thursday, 3/15/12, 9:22 AM

My father was wounded at Attu in WW2. I’m looking for any information about his battalion. He was an Army sergeant, I think in an engineer battalion. He received a Bronze Star and two Purple Heart medals. That’s all I know of his military experience. He passed away in 1971, and my mother in 1986. If anyone can give me any information, I’d much appreciate it. His name was Peter Maddock. Thank you.

From: Glen Campbell
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Kenneth R Yount Wednesday, 3/14/12, 5:53 PM

I served in Bravo Company, 13th EN BN (C)(L) (COHORT) from AUG 85 – NOV 88. Could you please add me to the company roster. Also we were a COHORT Battalion while I was there, it is a very long story, but we have a group page on Face Book and I would love to get this site on to our group page, hopefully get some members to join, but it would be easier if you had a face book page, if you have one please let me know. Anyhow, thanks! It has been and always will be the best company and battalion I have ever served in! I will retire this July, 2012 so that is saying a lot about how special the 13th and my time there was! God Bless!

From: Ravenna, NE
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John Duke Saturday, 3/3/12, 5:39 AM

Sorry…I had a senior moment. I was in country 1970-1971. Thanks Again, John Duke

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John Duke Saturday, 3/3/12, 5:36 AM

I was in Headquarters Company 13th Engineer Bat. heavy equipment platoon. I drove a 10 ton. When the 7th shut down I was assigned to C company 2nd Engineers. We were located at the old 7th Eng C company just up the road from Camp Casey main gate. Thanks for your site. John (Rickey) Duke

From: Southaven, MS
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W. Roy Cutler Friday, 2/24/12, 1:48 PM

I was interested in this web site because I served in the 13th Engineers from 1975 to 1977 at Ft. Ord. I was the company commander of HHC and after that I was the Bn S2. I printed off the membership application and will send it in. I am also a member of SAME – the Mt. Tacoma Post. One of our members is BG Roush. He was a lieutentant in the 13th during the Korean War.

From: Tacoma, WA
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Paul Brennan Wednesday, 2/8/12, 9:09 AM

Before I start getting bashed or blocked, I also want to post that I served with the 13th and I’m furious because that is what is being said on the 7th ID page on facebook. The words I used were their exact words and not just a few. When I mentioned I served with them the all chimed in saying the 13 were just servants

Paul Brennan Wednesday, 2/8/12, 8:53 AM

Would you find it offensive if I said that “Saying you served with the 7th Infantry Division as anything other then an 11b is like saying you were playing with the Yankees but were just a bat boy.”

richard ottman Saturday, 1/14/12, 6:39 PM

Served in 13th Sept. 1954 – Sept. 1955. Big changes since then. We were up on line when I got there but startd moving to Casey shortly thereafter. Asst. Plt. Sgt. Clifford America drowned in rescue mishap in May 1955.

From: oregon, missouri
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