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James A . Stroup Saturday, 11/23/13, 1:20 AM

Great site that I just happened to stumble across. I was in the 13th HQ Heavy Equipment, “D” CO, AVLB Pltn and “A” CO, Motor pool. from 67~68.

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Derrick Lee Baird Tuesday, 9/17/13, 8:29 PM

My great uncle was apart of the unit. I spoke with my grandmother tonight at length about PFC Chester Lee Ellis. He was KIA on 30 April 1952. I was wondering if anyone could give me more information about him and what he was like. Thank all of you for you service and sacrifice. Men like you built the country that I love. SGT Derrick L Baird

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Leo Courtois Friday, 8/30/13, 5:51 AM

B Company Fort Beavers December 1966 – April 1968

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Mike Vaughn Wednesday, 8/14/13, 8:06 PM

I was in Co. D 13th Engr ( Boat Operator ) at Camp Casey from 65-66. Arrived on a troop ship. I recall the floods of 65 as we were sent to operate a Ferry up north. I think beer was 10 cents a can. And the girls were ….. I forgot 🙂 Great Web site,I’ll join.

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Eric O. Johnson Sunday, 7/21/13, 10:18 PM

I served in the 13th Engineers in 83-85, but was transferred to the 14th engineers when the 13th went light. Left in October of ’85.

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norman jones Tuesday, 7/2/13, 4:16 PM

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Carmine fico Friday, 6/21/13, 1:53 AM

Signed up for the army when they Iranians took the american hostages back in 1978. Served 2years active duty with the 13th Engineers B company Fort Ord California. I did not see any combat due to the fact that we had a very weak president name of Jimmy Carter who let the Muslim radicals run wild.

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Laurens Beckwith ( Buddy ) Thursday, 6/6/13, 7:34 PM

I was in D Co 1964-1965 Started out in the bridge Plt and enden up in the mptor pool. As much as I didn’t like Korea I really have some great memories on the unit.

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SFC Gabriel Montgomery Saturday, 6/1/13, 8:45 PM

I was a Combat Engineer assigned to C-13E from 1991-1993.

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Ernest Broch Friday, 5/31/13, 10:24 PM

Curious—- Any old Geezers from A Co Taejon,46/47 still alive out there?????????

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Allan M Ross Wednesday, 5/22/13, 11:26 PM

Served 1967-1968 A Co 13 engr helped build relay station on hill 754 out side of TokoRee

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NORMAN JONES Monday, 5/13/13, 3:35 PM


Tom Stiefel Wednesday, 5/8/13, 3:05 AM

Hello to members of 13th engineers 1970-71.I was with HQ Company and worked from S-3. I would like to talk to veterans from that time frame and unit. If you were there with S-3, when we broke up in January of 1971, would like to know what units you guys ended up with. When I First got in country meet a Joe Young, played a trumpet. He went TDY with a band, saw him once or twice after that. Joe if you are out there, what ever happened to you?

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Randy Wolff Tuesday, 5/7/13, 4:38 PM

My name is Randy Wolff. My father Don Wolff was at Headquarters, he served 1946-47 as a Buck Sargent in the motor pool. He has told me many good stories of his time there and always talks about a couple of guys in particular that he would like to reconnect with. Dominic La Cava from Pittsburg and Patsy Magio. Not sure of the spelling or where the latter was from. I would appreciate hearing from anyone else who may remember my father as well.

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Mel Watson Wednesday, 4/24/13, 12:22 PM

Served with the 13th. Co.A 1964 at camp Schoonover. Would love to hear from anyone who was at Schoonover.I am a member of this brotherhood,but hard to find anyone from camp Schoonover. I dream of seeing a picture of it.So long ago , yet it was like yesterday. God bless all.

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Robert Grant Sunday, 4/21/13, 8:27 PM

Served in Korea in 1966 thru 1967 in hhq co.Camp Casey.

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richard creeden Friday, 4/5/13, 8:02 PM

I was in C co. 1964-1965 grate site

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Margaret Schlotterbeck Wednesday, 3/27/13, 11:45 AM

My husband Walter B. Schlotterbeck servied with the 13th Engineer Battalion coming in from Japan in 1949. He was so proud of the work they did in Korea until he left in Sept. 1951,73850

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Elliott Mock Friday, 3/22/13, 9:03 AM

A CO. 13 Engr. Maint. 62-63

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John w burns Sunday, 3/10/13, 10:32 AM

Served with 13th engineers at camp kaiser, as post engineer (1st Lt.); bunked with A company. 1963-1964.

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Norman Jones Wednesday, 1/16/13, 2:21 PM

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Norm Jones Tuesday, 1/15/13, 12:59 PM

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Allan Rowe Sunday, 1/6/13, 12:48 PM

My Father served with Co. E of the 13th Combat Engineer Battalion from Feb. 21, 1931 until Feb. 20, 1934 in Ft. Humphreys, VA (later to become Ft. Belvoir). This Battalion became inactive on Feb. 1, 1936. This 13th Engineer Battalion was one of the units which served as guards for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; this prior to the 3rd Infantry taking over the duties in 1948. In fact, two companies of the 13th Engineers formed the Honor Guard at the burial of the Unknown Soldier on Nov. 11, 1921. (some information from the Society of The Honor Guard Tomb of the Unknown Soldier). I have a couple of pictures of him in uniform taken at this time (the 1930s); one at the amphitheater and the other as a guard in the guard hut that they used at that time. Now, I am assuming that your 13th Engineer Battalion is the same as the old 13th Engineers, having been reactivated back in 1940 (I think). My father served in the army from Jan. 1922 until his retirement in Aug. 1955, most of the time in various Engineer Battalions.

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