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Gary Morris Thursday, 12/31/15, 11:18 PM

My father was in the 13th in 1944 to 1946.

From: Texas
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Rob Batterton Sunday, 12/13/15, 8:21 PM

My father-in-law served in Korea in the 7th infantry division 13th combat engineers Company D His name was Robert Kroening from Minneapolis, MN

From: Stillwater, MN
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Patrick Q. McLaughlin Saturday, 12/12/15, 1:30 PM

My uncle Michael Q. McLaughlin served with A Company, 13th Engineers, from 1941 to 1945. I m looking for info on him. I believe Sgt Jack Warner was his 1st Sgt.

From: Fort Dodge Iowa
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Jack Morgan Tuesday, 12/8/15, 12:38 PM

My father was a combat engineer in the 13th Battalion in WWII. Trying to learn more about where he was, etc.

From: Fort Collins, Colorado
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Ron Stearns Monday, 12/7/15, 2:13 PM

I was a member of the 7th Division, 13th Combat Engineer Battalion on the DMZ in Korea in 1954.

From: Boulder City, Nevada
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Robert Monday, 12/7/15, 8:00 AM

From: Ellerman
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Earl Shatzer Monday, 11/30/15, 12:40 AM

Was at Camp Casey in 67-68 looking for buddies that were there with myself and George Cooper

From: Vacaville, Ca
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Al Amberlavage Saturday, 11/28/15, 6:04 AM

From: Pennsylvania
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Chris Christensen Friday, 11/27/15, 4:17 PM

From: Springfield VA

larry hayes Saturday, 11/21/15, 10:55 AM

Was in Korea in 1970 heavy equipment operator. Capt Kilbourne and lt heinz,lt Rauls were in command.

From: michigan
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George Cooper Thursday, 11/19/15, 7:27 PM

I was in HQ CO 1967-68 heavy equip platoon stayed tdy most of the time. I am retired in south Carolina now.

From: Key West FLA
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Jeremy Wednesday, 11/18/15, 1:21 AM

From: Warren
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Terry Campbell Sunday, 11/15/15, 2:58 PM

From: Hansville, WA
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Ron Charvat Saturday, 11/14/15, 3:27 PM

From: Illinois
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George Ford Thursday, 11/12/15, 4:05 PM

I was in Headquarters Company of the 13th Engr Plat from December 1955 to November 1956. I was in charge of the Supply Room under Sgt White. Any one there at that time? I am in Aberdeen Nj

From: Aberdeen
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jimmy boone Wednesday, 11/11/15, 9:09 PM

Served Hqs and Hqs company from 1967 to 1968. I was with the enginering platoon

From: newbern
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Alec maros Sunday, 11/8/15, 12:37 AM

My grandpa was in the 13th Engineer battalion in Korea during the Vietnam war. His name is Pal Maros

From: locust grove
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Kenneth Manies Friday, 11/6/15, 3:38 PM

My Grandfather served in World War2 in the 13th Combat Engineers. I know he built runways and destroyed obstacles in the pacific. I would like to know more about his service, if possible. His name was Kenneth Eddy Manies and probably served through 1945.

From: California
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NORMAN JONES Monday, 10/26/15, 11:03 AM


David Gonzalez Saturday, 9/19/15, 8:49 AM

I don’t recall many of my brothers with the 13th Engineers, but I was there form 63 to 64 with company B Camp Beavers. The one thing I do remember is driving a 5T dump truck up to Chinese Tunnel sanding the road during the winter.

From: Lubbock, Tx
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David Gonzalez Saturday, 9/19/15, 8:45 AM

Its been such a long time. Don’t recall any of my brothers there, but I was a 5T dump truck driver with company B. The one thing I do remember was having to sand the road up to Chinese Tunnel during the winter.

From: Lubbock, Texas
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Thomas Stiefel Friday, 9/18/15, 6:33 AM

Saddened by the passing of the former President of 7TH IDA. and quartermaster for 13th engineers, Gene Peeples. I enjoyed his company for the last 7 or so years while living in Florida during the winter months. Gene was a Korean veteran, purple heart, bronze medal and other awards.

From: PENNA>

Al Amberlavage Sunday, 8/9/15, 8:18 AM

From: Pennsylvania
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Chris wilson Thursday, 8/6/15, 4:01 PM

Bill Warvel from n.j. friends with Wiser and Sgt Lewis!!!!

From: east aurora
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w.robert rushing Sunday, 8/2/15, 11:45 AM

From: Register, Ga. 3045236769
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George OBrien Sunday, 7/26/15, 3:59 PM

Was in the 13th engineer battalion in 1968, when agent orange was sprayed on the DMZ. Was at TDC camp Cassey

From: Canyon Lake
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Dean Diehl Sunday, 6/14/15, 8:09 AM

It’s Flag Day

From: West Chester, Pa.
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Paul E Gibbs Jr Friday, 6/5/15, 1:43 AM

I was a Spec 5 HHCompany 1960-61-62. Grader operator, asphalt distributor operator, entrentching machine operator. Co, was 1st LT Thomas Holmes.

From: Springfield, Vermont
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Tom Landis Monday, 6/1/15, 7:35 PM

Melissa Coonradt, please email me, I was stationed with your dad in fort ord. He was a great guy! Would love to talk with you.

From: Ohio
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Chris wilson Saturday, 5/30/15, 11:20 PM

67/68 s-4 pol, I have a copy of the year book 1967 We are all in it.

From: east aurora,n.y.
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Dean Diehl Monday, 5/25/15, 9:37 AM

Hope you had a nice weekend. Thanks for keeping site up

From: Pennsylvania
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Donald Carroll Wednesday, 5/6/15, 12:02 AM

From: Prattville Al
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Billy D.Quinton Sr Monday, 4/20/15, 10:07 AM

C Co. 1950-51 , 2nd Platoon

From: Georgia
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Laurens Beckwith (Buddy) Sunday, 4/19/15, 9:28 PM

D Co 13– April 1964 / May 1965

From: Huntsville, AL
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ron davi Wednesday, 4/15/15, 2:44 PM

I served in S-1,HHC 1968/1969 and also in Co A. Looking for fellow soldiers who served same time/same place.

From: new jersey
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Dean Diehl Thursday, 4/2/15, 7:44 PM

Nice work on the site you old guys are doing well. I’ll try drumming up pictures from 1967, HHQ – S2. I wonder where Lt. Hashii is now? + Pvt. Basey, Davis & Pettigrew?

From: West Chester, Pa.
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Paul R. Cobleigh Monday, 3/30/15, 10:43 AM

Platoon Leader Bravo Co (DMX & Ft Beavers) – July ’67- Oct’67 Platoon Leader Echo Co Float Bridge (Camp Casey) – Oct ’67 – Nov’67 CO Echo Co – Nov ’67 replacing Bud Applegate until DROS August ’68

From: Culpeper, VA
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Bill Warvel Monday, 3/30/15, 8:59 AM

Served 1966-1968 HQ Co. Supply Sgt.

From: Florida
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James L Mac Donald Wednesday, 3/25/15, 6:28 PM

Served in the 13th in 1962. Camp Casey about 20 miles south of the DMZ.

From: Zeeland Mi
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Ronald G. Berning Saturday, 3/21/15, 12:30 PM

From: Lansing,Mi.

Rick Holbrook Friday, 3/20/15, 11:38 AM

I served with Co.B at Camp Beavers starting in May 1970. I have just found out we may have been exposed to Agent Orange and does anyone have any information about this.

From: Irvine, Ky.
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Kenny Burhus Monday, 3/9/15, 8:52 PM

Camp Hovey 1963 – 1963 Head quarters co. 17th Infantry. Combat Engineer platoon.

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Melissa Thursday 3/5/15, 2:19 AM

My dad Jeffrey Coonradt served with A Co 13th engineers at fort ord in 1980, then he disappeared in 1987 from Monterey to never be found. I would love anyone that knew him to reach out to me. I am trying to piece things together. Anything will help! Thanks so much!

Email: melissad001@gmail.com

luis hernandez Saturday, 2/28/15, 5:39 PM

Served with HHC, from 5/75 to 12/77.

From: kissimmee
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Mike Rowley Sunday, 2/22/15, 1:26 AM

Hi 1968 for a while did fence work and observation post. Got kicked off the DMZ because I was 17

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Peter Pontinen Monday, 2/16/15, 2:02 PM

From: Rockford
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